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UV Filtered lamps

UV Filtered lamps
 Cat. NoDescrtiptionPack SizePriceQuantity
LU/43004 UVLAMP 4W 254NM FILT 50X75MM each £198.73
LU/43006 UVLAMP 4W/4W 365/254NM FILT 50X75MM each £205.19
LU/43008 UVLAMP 6W 365NM FILT 50X150MM each £180.96
LU/43010 UVLAMP 6W 254NM FILT 50X150MM each £231.04
LU/43012 UVLAMP 6W 312NM FILT 50X150MM each £231.04
LU/43014 UVLAMP 6W/6W 365/254NM FILT 50X150MM each £242.35
LU/43016 UVLAMP 2X15W 365NM FILT 80X300MM each £413.61
LU/43018 UVLAMP 2X15W 254NM FILT 80X300MM each £623.65
LU/43020 UVLAMP 2X15W 312NM FILT 80X300MM each £623.65
LU/43022 UVLAMP 15W/15W 365/254NM FILT 80X300MM each £623.65

A wide range of ultraviolet lamps. Filtered lamps in three wavelengths for use in fluorescent techniques. All incorporate an extruded anodised aluminium housing and a specially designed unique profile has been developed for the hand held lamps. The operator friendly shape permits lamps to be held easily with gloved hands.
Applications include:
Short wavelength (254nm) -fluorescence techniques, fluorochemistry, mineralogy, photopolymerisation, mutation studies, toxicology.
Mid wavelength (312nm) -electrophoresis gel viewing.
Long wavelength (365nm) -TLC plate viewing fluorochemistry, food inspection, quality control, titration, pesticide analysis, mineralogy.
These highly efficient, well designed lamps are produced in three wavelengths and dual wavelengths combinations. Powers range from a single 4Watt tube up to 2 x 15Watt tubes.
Technical Specification
Cat NoCodeFilter (mm)TubesWAvelength (nm)
LU/43004LF 104S50x751x4W254
LU/43006LF 204LS50x751x4W/1x4W365/254
LU/43008LF 106L50x1501x6W365
LU/43010LF 106S50x1501x6W254
LU/43012LF 106M50x1501x6W312
LU/43014LF 206LS50x1501x6W/1x6W365/254
LU/43016LF 215L80x3001x15W365
LU/43018LF 215S80x3001x15W254
LU/43020LF 215M80x3001x15W312
LU/43022LF 215LS80x3001x15W/1x15W365/254

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