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UV Crosslinkers - UVIlink range

UV Crosslinkers - UVIlink range
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GD/45690 CROSSLINKER SHORT RANGE each £1130.98
GD/45694 CROSSLINKER LONG RANGE each £1130.98

Exposure to a measured amount of UV light is an established method of 'crosslinking' (i.e., covalently attaching) blotted DNA to membranes prior to probing experiments. The UVIlink model is a compact (small footprint), microprocessor controlled unit which allows a certain dosage UV of a defined wavelength range (determined by the installed tubes) to be delivered to the membrane or to any other object. The unit may be programmed to deliver a certain amount of UV energy (joules) or to simply irradiate for a defined time period. Nine different pre-set values of UV energy and nine of time can be programmed into the unit. The UV output of each tube is continually monitored and fed back to the microprocessor so that the defined amount of UV is always delivered and is unaffected by changes in the state of the tubes. The unit has an LED display and user-friendly membrane keypad controls. The door is interlocked with the UV tubes for safety and has a UV blocking observation window. Three models are available, for delivery of UV in each of the ranges 254nm (short), 312nm (mid) and 365nm (long). The models are interchangeable since tubes can be changed and the unit re-programmed to deliver another wavelength.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions:UV wavelength:Tubes:Controls:Ranges:Max. Exposure time:
350 x 350 x 300 (w, d, h, exterior)254, 312, or 365nm6 x 8 Watt9 pre-set UV energy levels, 9 pre-set exposure times possible manual energyfrom 0 to 9.999 joules and from 0 to 99.99 joules999.9 minutes

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