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Trays, ABS

Trays, ABS
 Cat. NoDescrtiptionPack SizePriceQuantity
TY/46002 TRAY ABS 200X150X20MM each £10.76
TY/46004 TRAY ABS 300X150X20MM each £13.84
TY/46006 TRAY ABS 350X250X20MM each £23.68
TY/46008 TRAY ABS 250X250X20MM each £17.60
TY/46010 TRAY ABS 400X300X20MM each £36.64
TY/46012 TRAY ABS 200X150X40MM each £11.53
TY/46014 TRAY ABS 300X150X40MM each £15.63
TY/46016 TRAY ABS 350X250X40MM each £26.55
TY/46018 TRAY ABS 250X250X40MM each £20.07
TY/46020 TRAY ABS 400X300X40MM each £37.83
TY/46022 TRAY ABS 200X150X80MM each £12.91
TY/46024 TRAY ABS 300X150X80MM each £20.07
TY/46026 TRAY ABS 350X250X80MM each £33.11
TY/46028 TRAY ABS 250X250X80MM each £23.68
TY/46030 TRAY ABS 400X300X80MM each £44.13

Suitable for general laboratory use. Dimensions given are w x d x h. 

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