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Thermometers, general purpose/stirring

Thermometers, general purpose/stirring
 Cat. NoDescrtiptionPack SizePriceQuantity
TH/33102 THERMOMETER GP -35/50°C 1°C 300MM T each £8.57
TH/33104 THERMOMETERS 300MM GP MERC .10/50CX0.5 PK5 £19.80
TH/33106 THERMOMETER WHITE BACK -10/110°C 0.5°C PK5 £18.93
TH/33108 THERMOMETER WHITE BACK -10/110°C 1°C PK5 £15.81
TH/33110 THERMOMETER WHITE BACK 0/159°C 1°C PK5 £18.66
TH/33112 THERMOMETER WHITE BACK 0/250°C 1°C PK5 £18.42
TH/33114 THERMOMETER WHITE BACK 0/300°C 1°C PK5 £18.42
TH/33116 THERMOMETER WHITE BACK 0/360°C 2°C PK5 £18.42
TH/33118 THERMOMETER 355MM MERCURY .10/500CX2 each £64.47

76mm immersion, mercury filled amber graduations white backed.
Technical Specification
Cat NoRange, °CDiv, °CLength mm
TH/33102-35 to 501305
TH/33104-10 to 500.5305
TH/33106-10 to 1100.5305
TH/33108-10 to 1101305
TH/33110-10 to 1501305
TH/33112-10 to 2501305
TH/33114-10 to 3001305
TH/33116-10 to 3602305
TH/33118-10 to 5002405

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