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TLC documentation system - UVIchrom

TLC documentation system - UVIchrom
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GD/45354 UVI CHROM PRO TYPE SYSTEM each £2103.60

  • Simple, low cost system specially designed for TLC plate documentation
  • Specially designed darkroom cabinet for efficient and powerful overhead illumination of TLC
  • Specially adapted UVIpro software allows basic image analysis with Rf value calculation for TLC spots

    UVIchrom is a simple, low cost option for high quality documentation of thin layer chromatography. It features a specially designed cabinet for powerful and uniform illumination of chromatography plates (of up to 20x24cm) with UV light of one or more wavelength range.

    UVIchrom is available as a ‘doc’, or ‘pro’ type system (i.e., stand alone with floppy drive, or PC based documentation). Software provided with either system allows manipulation, annotation and simple analysis (including Rf calculation) of images.

    UVIband software is available as an option for more precise and comprehensive analysis.

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