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Photometer, 8000

Photometer, 8000
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WT/95102 PHOTOMETER 8000 KIT each £2201.76

  • High precision, software driven, instrument
  • Automatic method set-up and wavelength setting
  • Full range of pre-programmed clean and wastewater tests with auto test selection for Tubetests
  • Touch screen with language selection
  • Advanced optics technology with high sensitivity
  • Multi-size cell holder automatically adjusts to round tubes 13-20mm
  • Efficient light focusing system
  • Remote software update by e-mail.
  •       Compatible with all Palintest liquid and tablet test kits.
  •       Dual high intensity light source. Low stray light
  •       No warm up time required
  •       In built system diagnostics
  •       Independent Absorbance mode The new Photometer 8000 is designed for water quality testing, including sealed tube COD, disinfectant level and other colorimetric analyses. Compatible Palintest Tubetests reagent tubes are coded to provide all the instrument needs for wavelength, range and calibration set up and analysis. The cell holder is fully jam and trap resistant.
    Any analysis method can be called up directly, or via a user-specific method list where commonly used combinations of tests can be set up. All test parameters are then set automatically. The instrument can be remote controlled by computer through its integral RS232 port.  The system memory allows up to 1000 results to be stored on-board and selectively or batch uploaded to LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) or other computer, or each result can be sent as it is collected.  Results are fully audit trailed with sample number, time and date attached.  A system lock prevents accidental or unauthorized modification.
    Instrument Type Direct-reading colorimeter with automatic set-up and reading
    Operating Wavelengths Pre-programmed wavelengths of 450nm, 500nm, 550nm, 570nm, 600nm and 650nm
    Display Touch-screen backlit display. Test identification and prompts in foreign languages. Direct-reading of results in mg/l, mmol/l or µmol/l (user selectable)
    Accuracy ±0.005 at 0.3 au
    Resolution Transmittance resolution to 0.1% and Absorbance resolution to 0.001 au
    User-selectable Options Date format, display language, test, units, sample number, dilution, user id and wavelength
    Internal Memory 1000 sample results can be stored in on-board memory and selectively recalled to screen  
    Output Interface Bi-directional communication with output to printer or computer via RS232 serial interface
    Test Cells Automatic adjustment for round test tubes from 13-20mm diameter
    Power Standard mains power, optional battery power through standard ‘AA’ batteries
    Size and Weight Instrument is 290 x 240 x 90 mm and weighs 1.65kg (1648g)

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