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OPTIMA series of modular products, Refrigeration units

OPTIMA series of modular products,  Refrigeration units
 Cat. NoDescrtiptionPack SizePriceQuantity
BA/65440 REFRIGERATION UNIT 5 LITRE TO - 20 each £1780.42
BA/65442 REFRIGERATION UNIT 5 LITRE TO - 20 each £2011.68
BA/65444 REFRIGERATION UNIT 5 LITRE TO - 30 each £2132.06
BA/65446 REFRIGERATION UNIT 20 LITRE TO - 20 each £3443.62
BA/65448 REFRIGERATION UNIT 12 LITRE TO - 47 each £4969.01

The five refrigeration units offer: ozone friendly refrigerant, rapid cool down, quiet operation and a choice of 230V and 115V models PLUS a host of features:
  • constructed throughout from corrosion resistant materials with a stainless steel internal tank
  • removable front grille allows easy access to the condenser and the liquid drain valve for convenient routine cleaning and liquid changes
  • all units are supplied with a bridge plate for mounting the thermostat and a removable lid with fitted handle
  • liquid drain valve supplied on R2, R3, R4 and R5 models
  • 5ºC thermostat on/off switch to stop the tank freezing when operating with water
  • dual-position fitting of thermostat for convenient access
  • high-pressure switch supplied on R4 and R5 models
  • R2 to R5 models: the refrigeration can be switched on and off by the GR150 and GP200 thermostats during a heating and cooling program
  • Specification comparison table - refrigeration units
    Cat. NoBA/65440BA/65442BA/65444BA/65446BA/65448
    Temperature range ambient 20ºC-20 to 100-20 to 100-30 to 100-30 to 100-47 to 100
    Relay control for refrigeration on/off~yesyesyesyes
    Cooling power @20ºC W2502501609001000
    ambient 20ºC @ 0 ºC W1401401565001050
    ambient 20ºC @ -10ºC W100100120300800
    ambient 20ºC @ -20ºC W353550180580
    ambient 20ºC @ -30ºC W~~540390
    ambient 20ºC @ -40ºC W~~~~130
    ambient 20ºC @ -47ºC W~~~~25
    Weight Kg19.
    Overall dimensions w/d/h mm230/410/410230/410/410230/410/410390/490/530415/575/585
    Tank capacity L5552012
    Top opening mm110/145110/145110/145230/305260/115
    Liquid depth min/max mm80/14080/14080/14080/140120/180
    Overtemperature cut-out 100ºC limityesyesyesyesyes
    Water freezing protection thermostatyesyesyesyesyes
    Refrigeration high pressure switch~~~27bar27bar
    Electrical power max 220 - 240V W334 (50Hz)*334 (50Hz)*354 (50Hz)*684 (50Hz)1305 (50Hz)
    Electrical power max 110 - 120V W328 (50-60Hz)328 (50-60Hz)370 (60Hz)684 (60Hz)N/A
    EMC emissions ClassBBBBB

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