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Microplate replicators

Microplate replicators
 Cat. NoDescrtiptionPack SizePriceQuantity
MR/65002 REPLICATORS MICROPLATE M384 each £1194.34
MR/65006 REPLICATORS MICROPLATE M48 each £387.01
MR/65008 TEMPLATE FOR MR384 each £254.42

Microplate replicators
  • A simple and inexpensive time saver, for transferring small volumes of inoculums from microplates to other microplates or solid supports
  • Three models, 384 pin, 96 pin and 48 pin
  • Durable stainless steel pins, precision aligned for accuracy of transfer
  • Designed to be autoclaved or steam sterilised
  • Comfortable handle remains cool to the touch
  • Supplied complete with anodised aluminium storage tray, which also serves as an ethanol container
    Technical Specifications
    Part No.DescriptionTransfer Volume/Pin
    MR384384 pin0.2 micro L
    MR9696 pin0.4 micro L
    MR4848 pin0.4 micro L
    Dimensions dxwxh 76 x 112 x 102mm--
    Net weight 0.5kg--
    There are numerous variables that will affect the actual amount of transfer volume, namely:
  • Surface tension of liquid being transferred
  • Depth to which pin is inserted into source
  • Speed of withdrawal of replicator from source
  • Speed of delivery onto target plate
  • Length of time pin is in contact with target plate

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