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Maintenance Free Particulate Respirators

Maintenance Free Particulate Respirators
 Cat. NoDescrtiptionPack SizePriceQuantity
SM/13002 PREMIUM DUST MIST RESPIRATOR 9320 each £56.55
SM/13026 DUST RESPIRATOR 8710E each £33.37
SM/13038 DUST MASK 3M REF 8812 each £25.47
SM/13040 DUST MASK 3M REF 8810 each £55.39
SM/13052 DUST MASK 3M REF 8822 each £37.27

3M ™ 9300 Series Respirators The 9300 series covers a wide range of applications requiring FFP1, FFP2S and FFP3S protection. The whole range has comfort designed into every detail: soft outer fabric, adjustable nose clips and soft sweat-absorbent foam above the nose. Even-tensioned head strap which eliminates strap pressure. The unique and highly efficient 3M Cool Flow valve to reduce heat build-up. The advanced 3-panel design offers a low profile which provides a good field of vision and is easier to breathe through. They are not prone to collapse, and by making jaw movement less restricted we’ve even made them easier to talk through. Trials throughout Europe have already established them as a major breakthrough in comfort and wearer acceptance.
  • Unique 3-panel design for greater comfort, easy communication and improved wearer acceptance
  • Soft cover web on inner panel ensures greater comfort against the skin.
  • Centrally positioned Cool Flow valve prevents heat build-up and makes breathing easier and cooler.
  • Lightweight and foldable for easy storage and portability.
  • Individually packed to avoid contamination during storage.
  • Even-tensioned headbands to relieve strap pressure.
    FFP2S Respirators
    9320 Premium dust/mist respirator
    The 9320 provides protection against fine dusts and water-based mists. Individually packed, this foldable respirator features a 3-panel design and soft cover web for greater comfort.
  • EN149 FFP2S Particulates:
  • Assigned protection factor: 10 x OEL (Nominal protection factor 12 x OEL)

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