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Lovibond RT 100 - 200 handheld spectrophotometers

Lovibond RT 100 - 200 handheld spectrophotometers
 Cat. NoDescrtiptionPack SizePriceQuantity
CO/85050 REFLECTANCE TINTOMETER RT100 each £3833.28
CO/85052 REFLECTANCE TINTOMETER RT200 each £4482.72

Compact, lightweight colorimeters, giving spectral reflectance data for quality control of surface colour.
The RT100 consists of a hand-held spectrometer unit with an integrated measuring head (45º / 0º measuring geometry) for precision colour measurement and control of regular surfaces. The RT200 has a similar spectrometer unit but is supplied with a flexible, fibre-optic measuring head (0º / 0º measuring geometry) for colour measurement of small areas, challenging shapes or relatively inaccessible places.
The spectrometer units link to a standard PC computer with Lovibond RT Colour Measurement System software installed for instrument operation and for presentation, analysis and logging of reflectance data. Results can be expressed in a choice of colour values and colour difference measurements: X Y Z tristimulus values, CIE L*a*b*, CIE x y Y, CIE L’u’v’, CIE L*C*h, Whiteness Index, Yellowness Index, DE, DL*, Da*, Db*, DC*, Dh colour differences, reflectance, metameric index.
The software, which works under MS Windows 95/98/NT, displays a choice of colour spaces or reflectance curves, allows input and selection of reference values, will average multiple measurement and includes a verbal indication of colour differences. It includes the facility for data export to ASCII files and direct data export into MS Excel.
Technical Specification
Geometry45 / 00 / 0
IlluminantsC, D65, AC, D65, A
Standard observers2o, 10Oo2o, 10o
Measurement area3mm1 - 3mm
PortabilityLink to standard PCLink to standard PC
RepeatabilityDelta E< 0.1 on white referanceDelta E< 0.1 on white referance
StorageVia link to PCVia link to PC
DisplayPC MonitorPC Monitor
The following adaptors allow the RT100 to be used for colour control of liquids, semi solids and powders by establishing a constant sample environment, which ensures that sample comparisons are of significance. For colour control of standard opaque samples, the spectrometer unit can be removed from the adapter.
RT100 Cell Adaptor (with 10 & 20 mm cells and white reference) suitable for translucent and opaque liquids, semi-solids and powders.
RT100 Tube Adaptor (with tubes and white reference) suitable for opaque liquids, semi-solids and powders.

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