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Incubators, general purpose

Incubators, general purpose
 Cat. NoDescrtiptionPack SizePriceQuantity
IN/65202 INCUBATOR MINI 6L SOLID DOOR 100°C WITH each £554.40
IN/65204 INCUBATOR MINI 18L SOLID DOOR 100°C WITH each £601.92
IN/65206 INCUBATOR MINI 30L SOLID DOOR 100°C WITH each £641.52
IN/65208 INCUBATOR MINI 40L SOLID DOOR 100°C WITH each £696.96
IN/65210 INCUBATOR MINI 50L SOLID DOOR 100°C WITH each £760.32
IN/65212 INCUBATOR MINI 75L SOLID DOOR 100°C WITH each £855.36
IN/65316 INCUBATOR HORIZONTAL 125 LITRES each £1045.44
IN/65318 INCUBATOR HORIZONTAL 150 LITRES each £1164.24
IN/65320 INCUBATOR HORIZONTAL 200 LITRES each £1520.64

The GENLAB General Purpose Incubators offer a range of highly efficient, reliable, cost effective units to suit most biological analysis, research and general laboratory applications.
The exterior is constructed from sheet steel finished in easy clean powder coated paint. The interior chamber is made from mild steel coated with aluminium with a stainless steel chamber available as an option.
The control system comprises of a direct easy-read thermostat and independent overheat thermostat both with calibrated scales and tamper proof locks.
Options include a microprocessor digital controller with LED display of temperature or an independent LED display for showing temperature on the thermostatically controlled units.
Choices include a solid steel door, a door fitted with a viewing window, or, as an option, a steel outer door with an inner glass door.
All units have a two year warranty and are CE compliant.
Temperature range:
Ambient +5 to 100°C without fan
Ambient +8 to 100°C with fan
Ambient +5 to 80°C with viewing window
Fluctuation ± 0.25°C @ 37°C
All units have clad interior with thermostatic control as standard. The following options are available on request:- Stainless steel finish, Fan circulation*, Viewing window, Double door, Digital control, LED display.
Technical Specification
Vertical style, without fan
Cat NoModelCap. (litres)Dimensions (HxWxD cm)No. of shelvesWeight (kg)
IN/65202MINI/6639 x 32 x 3317
IN/65204MINI/181852 x 38 x 41214
IN/65206MINI/303050 x 48 x 49220
IN/65208MINI/404058 x 45 x 49223
IN/65210MINI/505059 x 61 x 47226
IN/65212MINI/757559 x 61 x 60234
IN/65214MINI/10010071 x 61 x 60344
IN/65216MINI/12512581 x 61 x 60352
IN/65218MINI/15015081 x 61 x 68360
IN/65220*MINI/200/F200101 x 61 x 80*476
Horizontal style, without fan
Cat NoModelCap. (litres)Dimensions (HxWxD cm)No. of shelvesWeight (kg)
IN/65312INC/757556 x 85 x 50239
IN/65314INC/10010056 x 85 x 61348
IN/65316INC/12512566 x 85 x 61357
IN/65318INC/15015066 x 85 x 69366
IN/65320*INC/200/F20086 x 85 x 69*485
*200 Litre Sizes only available with fan.
Vertical style, without fan

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