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Incubator, total visibility

Incubator, total visibility
 Cat. NoDescrtiptionPack SizePriceQuantity
IN/15012 TOTAL VISIBILITY INCUBATOR 60L AM+3-60°C each £1298.88
IN/15014 INCUBATOR, DIGITAL each £1417.68
IN/15016 BASE PLATE each £123.55
IN/15020 TRAY 400 X 300 X 20MM each £47.52

  • Full visibility of samples
  • Easy access to working chamber
  • Many applications: - Plant propagation - Humidity tests - Simulation of tropical conditions - Incubation of complete instruments - Corrosion testing
  • Choice of analogue or digital control

    Designed for easy access with hinged front door panel. Each side panel has 2 x 10mm diameter plugged holes for the introduction of either gases or cables. The incubator does not have a base so that it can be placed directly over complete instruments (base is available as an accessory). Forced air circulation and electronic temperature control ensure accurately maintained conditions.

    For analogue model SI60, setting the temperature is via a calibrated knob. For digital model SI60D, setting the temperature is more accurately achieved via the LCD display. The latter also gives a constant reading of actual temperature. Both models have a push switch pre-set at 37ºC. Additionally there is a temperature safety cut-out set at 72ºC.

    The incubator is supplied flat packed, for assembly at point of use. Assembly is simple and requires only a screwdriver.

    Technical Specifications
    Temperature rangeAmbient +5ºC to 60ºC
    Temperature fluctuation at 37ºC±0.1ºC
    Temp, variation between shelves±0.3ºC
    Nominal volume60 litres
    Internal dimensions (w x d x h)450 x 380 x 380mm
    External dimensions (w x d x h)600 x 390 x 390mm
    Net weight11.2kg
    Electrical supply230V, 50Hz, 350W

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