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Incubator, microtitre plates, SI19

Incubator, microtitre plates, SI19
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  • Compact unit
  • Ideal for microtitre plates and Petri dishes
  • Laminar flow air circulation
  • Digital setting and display of temperature
  • Convenient upward opening door
  • Stainless steel interior

    Specially designed for use with microtitre plates.

    The Stuart SI19 Incubator overcomes air circulation problems with forced air circulation, which blows preheated air across the shelves. Microtitre plates are also prone to drying out during incubation, to overcome this a water tray is included to increase the humidity within the chamber.

    The bright LED display indicates temperature and the encoder control allows rapid and accurate temperature setting. An integral over-temperature protection system automatically tracks the set temperature and controls the heater in the event of a fault. Error codes are displayed if a fault has occurred or if the set temperature has been interrupted.

    An acrylic upwards opening door provides excellent access to the interior. The stainless steel chamber features 4 shelves each accommodating 6 plates (or 12 stacked in 2 layers). Shelves are captive and slide out for easy loading.

    Technical Specifications
    Nominal capacity20 litres
    Temperature rangeAmbient + 8°C to 80°C
    Temperature fluctuation (at 37°C)±0.5°C
    Temperature variation±0.5°C
    Display typeLED
    Display resolution0.1°C
    Internal dimensions (w x d x h)250 x 230 x 200mm
    Overall dimensions (w x d x h)380 x 380 x 435mm
    Net weight24kg
    Electrical supply230V, 50Hz, 280W

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