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Gel Documentation System UVIpro

Gel Documentation System UVIpro
 Cat. NoDescrtiptionPack SizePriceQuantity
GD/45102 UVIPRO BRONZE each £4997.52
GD/45104 UVIPRO SILVER each £6336.00
GD/45106 UVIPRO GOLD each £7967.52
GD/45108 UVIPRO PLATINUM each £14572.80

  • Comprehensive range of models for any application or budget.
  • Sophisticated image capture and documentation
  • Highest quality imaging with optional comprehensive analysis
  • Ultra-simple, user friendly software interface
  • Multi-user capability and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
  • State of the art design
    The top of the range UVIpro Platinum incorporates the very best available options throughout.
    The DBT-2000 is the most advanced, efficient and versatile darkroom cabinet available, while the superb quality 14-bit, ultra-high resolution camera is the best available for gel documentation. The motorised zoom lens is easily controlled from the user-friendly software screen and the standard filter offers the highest signal to background ratio available for ethidium bromide detection. These features combine to make UVIpro Platinum the most advanced and sophisticated gel documentation system available.
    Easy, intuitive operation
    With minimal learning curve and intuitive, icon-driven software, a high quality print out or TIFF file archive can be produced in seconds. UVIpro may be used at a number of levels, ranging from simple push button operation to highly precise image optimisation. The live image is viewed on the computer screen and optimised via precise and user-friendly slider bar controls.
    Versatile, multi-level use
    UVIpro is ideal for research environments with a high number of occasional or frequent users, or for the dedicated single user who needs complete control over image capture and analysis.
    Special features such as control of background level and contrast, plus full saturation monitoring of the live image, enable the highest precision image optimisation for the most demanding users.
    UVIpro Acquisition Software
    This software is designed to maximise flexibility and ease of use, the two most important characteristics for this type of software. Flexibility comes from an array of features for preacquisition image optimisation and post acquisition processing while ease of use comes from the convenient layout and user-friendly adjustment tools. The design is in a modern and attractive XP-style, driven by colourful and descriptive icons.
    Operating on WINDOWS XP, 2000, 98 & ME platforms, UVIpro includes many features for treatment of a captured image such as brightness, contrast, annotation and basic analysis in a user-friendly and familiar WINDOWS style layout. In addition, UVIpro has the following special features:
  • Image Window, with full resolution display of live or captured image
  • Acquisition toolbar, with all controls for optimisation of the live image
  • Image invert button for viewing an 'inverted' image
  • Easy-to-use slider bars for coarse and fine control of exposure time. Exposure adjustment in
  • Grid facility for checking alignment of the gel in the field view
  • Configuration file saving facility. The acquisition parameters (exposure time, gain, offset) can
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) function. A GLP file is automatically saved with each image

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