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Freeze dryers, Lyotrap range

Freeze dryers, Lyotrap range
 Cat. NoDescrtiptionPack SizePriceQuantity
FD/85002 FREEZE DRYER MINI-LYOTRAP each £3809.52
FD/85004 FREEZE DRYER LYOTRAP 5KG each £6180.00
FD/85006 FREEZE DRYER LYOTRAP-PLUS each £10878.00
FD/85008 FREEZE DRYER LYOTRAP-ULTRA each £16711.20
FD/85010 DRYING CHAMBER ACRYLIC each £563.90
FD/85012 SHELF UNIT FOUR S/S each £226.51
FD/85014 FLASK MANIFOLD LID 8 PORT each £1789.92
FD/85016 COLD TRAP LID each £191.66
FD/85018 DRYING CHAMBER PLAIN LID each £209.09
FD/85020 DRUM MANIFOLD 16 PORT each £3041.28
FD/85022 DRUM MANIFOLD 24 PORT each £3698.64
FD/85024 SHELF SUPPORT 6 TRAY each £1148.40
FD/85026 COLUMN MANIFOLD 8 PORT each £1766.16
FD/85028 COLUMN MANIFOLD 24 PORT each £3698.64
FD/85030 HEATER MATS ARRAY 6 UNIT each £3706.56
FD/85032 STOPPERING SHELF each £3524.40
FD/85034 AMPOULE MANIFOLD 48 PORT each £1077.12
FD/85036 LID ACRYLIC each £297.79
FD/85038 SPLIT MANIFOLD each £594.00
FD/85042 VACUUM HOSE 1M each £58.61
FD/85044 GASKETS RUBBER L SHAPE each £66.53

The Lyotrap range has been designed for a wide range of freeze drying applications in the laboratory.
Mini Lyotrap This is the smallest bench top freeze dryer in this range. Having an ice capacity of 3kg, it also represents excellent value. Taking up minimal bench space, the Mini-Lyotrap is ideal for all common freeze drying applications and is also useful as a cold trap for single or multiple units.
Lyotrap This simple to use, microprocessor-controlled bench-top model is packed with useful features.
With a 5kg ice capacity, the Lyotrap incorporates an electric defrost facility, displays temperature and vacuum parameters digitally and incorporates a safety system which prevents the vacuum pump being activated until the temperature has reached -30°C.
Lyotrap Plus This unique bench-top freeze dryer has all the features of the Lyotrap and also incorporates a built-in temperature controllable work chamber complete with three shelves. Four floating temperature probes allow the load temperatures to be monitored, and as an option, the unit can be monitored and controlled via a remote PC. The Lyotrap-Plus has a 4kg ice capacity.
Lyotrap Ultra This is the largest freeze dryer in the range, with an 18kg ice capacity. Having the same controls and features as the Lyotrap, the Lyotrap-Ultra is ideal for high product volumes and long running times between defrosts. This model is well suited for multi-user laboratories and pilotscale applications. Unlike the rest of the Lyotrap range, the Lyotrap-Ultra includes an integral vacuum pump and is floor standing, supplied with castors

Technical Specifications
ModelMini LyotrapLyotrapLyotrap PlusLyotrap Ultra
Ice Capacity3kg5kg4kg18kg
Heat extraction Rate (-40oC)80W170W220W350W
Minimum Temp. (oC)-55-55-55-55
Chamber Dim`s DiaxD (mm)175x130175x130200x222350x655
Overall Dim`s HxWxD (mm)450x500x400470x650x535580x920x5001180x670x760

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