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Filter papers, creped, for technical use

Filter papers, creped, for technical use
 Cat. NoDescrtiptionPack SizePriceQuantity
FP/27502 FILTER GRADE 520BII DIA 110MM PK500 £6.81
FP/27504 FILTER GRADE 520BII 580X580MM PK250 £313.63
FP/27506 FILTER GRADE 520B DIA 125MM PK50 £7.60
FP/27508 FILTER GRADE 520B DIA 240MM PK50 £27.72
FP/27512 FILTER GRADE 520B DIA 320MM PK50 £48.79
FP/27514 FILTER GRADE 520B 580X580MM PK250 £313.63
FP/27516 FILTER GRADE 520B.5 DIA 125MM PK50 £23.44
FP/27518 FILTER GRADE 520B.5 DIA 150MM PK50 £25.19
FP/27520 FILTER GRADE 520B.5 DIA 185MM PK50 £31.36
FP/27522 FILTER GRADE 520B.5 DIA 240MM PK50 £32.47
FP/27524 FILTER GRADE 520B.5 DIA 270MM PK50 £39.92
FP/27526 FILTER GRADE 520B.5 DIA 320MM PK50 £61.46
FP/27528 FILTER GRADE 520B.5 DIA 385MM PK50 £83.00
FP/27530 FILTER GRADE 520B.5 DIA 500MM PK50 £140.82
FP/27532 FILTER GRADE 520B.5 DIA 600MM PK20 £78.88
FP/27534 FILTER GRADE 520A DIA 150MM PK100 £10.61
FP/27536 FILTER GRADE 520A DIA 185MM PK100 £16.47
FP/27538 FILTER GRADE 520A DIA 240MM PK100 £25.50
FP/27540 FILTER GRADE 520A DIA 270MM PK100 £32.47
FP/27542 FILTER GRADE 520A 580X580MM PK250 £313.63
FP/27544 FILTER GRADE 520A.5 DIA 125MM PK100 £27.72
FP/27546 FILTER GRADE 520A.5 DIA 150MM PK100 £22.33
FP/27548 FILTER GRADE 520A.5 DIA 185MM PK100 £27.72
FP/27550 FILTER GRADE 520A.5 DIA 240MM PK100 £31.84
FP/27552 FILTER GRADE 520A.5 DIA 320MM PK100 £53.38

Creped filter papers made from super-refined cellulose. Owing to their specific properties they are suitable for the various technical applications for which they have been specially developed.
Applications range from the filtration of drinks up to the purification of electroplating baths. As well as creped papers we can supply smooth, grained and filter cards (weight > 200 g/m2); these have a particularly high mechanical stability. Please ask for details.

Technical Specifications
GradePropertiesThickness mmFiltration time to Herzberg sWeight g/m²Retention Range µm
520 b IIVery fast, wet strength, thick0.533013515-19
520 aVery fast, great wet strength, thin0.32659015-18
Grade 520 b II

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