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Cryostor series

Cryostor series
 Cat. NoDescrtiptionPack SizePriceQuantity
CR/53062 HOSE REINFORCED FLEXIBLE 120CM each £217.01
CR/53064 HOSE REINFORCED FLEXIBLE 150CM each £248.69
CR/53066 HOSE REINFORCED FLEXIBLE 200CM each £315.22
CR/53068 PHASE SEPARATOR 1/2 BSP each £63.36
CR/54030 CRYOSTORAGE CRYOSTOR 30 each £2987.42
CR/54032 CRYOSTORAGE CRYOSTOR 60 each £3304.22
CR/54034 CRYOSTORAGE CRYOSTOR 90 each £3383.42
CR/54036 CRYOSTORAGE CRYOSTOR 120 each £3998.02
CR/54038 CRYOSTORAGE CRYOSTOR 180 each £4473.22
CR/54040 CRYOSTORAGE CRYOSTOR 240 each £4748.83

Stainless steel self-pressurising LN2 supply dewars. The Cryostor series is designed as a main laboratory storage supply of LN2.
Using the latest design technologies for optimum performance combined with strength and durability the range offers mobile storage for LN2 from the loading bay to point of use. Each Cryostor model from the smallest 30 litre to the largest 240 litre model features a fully configured safety head for the storage and dispensing of liquid nitrogen.
All models are equipped with an electronic level gauge for convenient and accurate indication of liquid volume and all head parts are specifically LN2 rated. Valves are globe-type rather than ball design and components such as the pressure gauge are stainless steel to remain corrosionfree; and all Cryostors are fitted with a pressure raise circuit and regulator to ensure that liquid is readily available when required.
Technical Specifications
ModelCrostor 30Crostor 60Crostor 90Crostor 120Crostor 180Crostor 240
LN2 capacity- litres306090120180240
Static evaporation rate- %/day3.521.
Height (mm)7779921105106613621629
Diameter (mm)461537537640640640
Base dimensions (mm)491 x 491567 x 567567 x 567690 x 690690 x 690690 x 690
Weight empty- kg36566695115135
Weight full- kg61113138192261329
Normal working pressure- bar1.
Max. operating pressure- bar333333

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