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Chemical oxygen demand analysis set : COD Reagent Vials for Aqualytic and Hach Photometers

Chemical oxygen demand analysis set : COD Reagent Vials for Aqualytic and Hach Photometers
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WT/71102 MEASURING RANGE 0-150MG/L Box of 25 vials £39.60
WT/71106 MEASURING RANGES 0-1500MG/L Box of 25 vials £39.60
WT/71110 MEASURING RANGE 0-15000MG/L Box of 25 vials £39.60

Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) is a critical environmental parameter and is widely used as a measure of the pollutants in discharged waste waters. COD is also used for assessing the efficiency of water treatment plants and the load placed on these plants by incoming waste streams.
COD analysis gives a rapid indication of the level of both organic and inorganic oxygen demanding pollutants. COD testing must be performed under tightly controlled conditions of temperature and time.
Reagecon offer all of the components required for rapid, confident analysis of COD. The measurement system complies with ISO 15705 & Standard Method 5220 D for chemical composition and for the requirement that digestion must take place at 150°C for 2 hours. Reagecon’s COD set comprises of:
  • The Aqualytic PC Compact COD Vario Photometer.
  • 8 place & 25 place Thermoreactors (AL32 & AL38).
  • 16mm diameter COD Reagent vials, covering 3 different measurement ranges.
  • A comprehensive range of COD standards. COD Reagent Vials for Aqualytic and Hach Photometers As well as being compatible with the PC Compact COD Vario, Reagecon’s COD reagent vials can also be used in conjunction with the Aqualytic PC Spectro and all HachTM spectrophotometers. This compatibility is proven in the Reagecon Technical Publication, “A comparative study of the performance of Reagecon COD vials and HachTM COD vials. A Reagecon collection and disposal service for used vials may be available in your area. Please call your distributor

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