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Balances, top loading Adventurer(TM) SL series

Balances, top loading Adventurer(TM) SL series
 Cat. NoDescrtiptionPack SizePriceQuantity
BA/40120 BALANCE OHAUS ADVENTURER SL 150X.001G AS153 each £1029.60
BA/40122 BALANCE OHAUS ADVENTURER SL 310X.001G AS313 each £1243.44
BA/40124 BALANCE OHAUS ADVENTURER SL 310X.01G AS312 each £625.68
BA/40126 BALANCE OHAUS ADVENTURER SL 610X.01G AS612 each £815.76
BA/40128 BALANCE OHAUS ADVENTURER SL 3100X.01G AS3102 each £1195.92
BA/40130 BALANCE OHAUS ADVENTURER SL 810X.1G AS811 each £538.56
BA/40132 BALANCE OHAUS ADVENTURER SL 6100X0.1G AS6101 each £910.80
BA/40134 BALANCE OHAUS ADVENTURER SL 8100X1G AS8100 each £530.64

The new Ohaus Adventurer™ SL brings together accuracy, performance and cutting edge design in a value for money precision balance. Building on the streamlined curves of the Adventurer Pro, the SL design integrates a custom LCD display for easy viewing, simple 2-button operation and an ergonomic levelling system with a front level indicator. The balances are supplied with protective in-use cover and are powered by AC adaptor with optional battery operation on certain models. Applications include parts counting and percentage weighing and there is also an integral weigh-below hook for density or specific gravity determination.
Weighing units available are milligram, gram, kilogram, ounce, pound, carat, pennyweight, ounce troy, grain, newton, Hong Kong Tael, Singapore Tael, Taiwan Tael, Momme, Tical, Baht, Mesghal, Tola and custom. Calibration is digital with external weight.
Technical Specification
Cat. No.ModelCapacity (g)Readability (g)Repeatability (std. D) (g)Linearity (+/-g)PowerPan Size (mm)
BA/40120AS1531500.0010.0010.002Mains or battery100 Diam.
BA/40122AS3133100.0010.0010.002Mains120 Diam
BA/40124AS3123100.010.010.02Mains or battery120 Diam.
BA/40126AS6126100.010.010.02Mains or battery149 x 162
BA/40128AS310231000.010.010.02Mains168 x 180
BA/40130AS8118100.10.10.2Mains or battery149 x 162
BA/40132AS610161000.10.10.2Mains or battery149 x 162
BA/40134AS81008100112Mains or battery149 x 162

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