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Balances, portable, Explorer Pro series

Balances, portable, Explorer Pro series
 Cat. NoDescrtiptionPack SizePriceQuantity
BA/40402 BALANCE OHAUS EXPLORER PRO 210X0.001G EP213 each £1710.72
BA/40406 BALANCE OHAUS EXPLORER PRO 610X0.001G EP613 each £2193.84
BA/40408 BALANCE OHAUS EXPLORER PRO 100/410G EP413D each £1821.60
BA/40410 BALANCE OHAUS EXPLORER PRO 610X.01G EP612 each £1370.16
BA/40412 BALANCE OHAUS EXPLORER PRO 1500GX0.01G EP1502 each £1457.28
BA/40414 BALANCE OHAUS EXPLORER PRO 2100 X 0.01G EP2102 each £1584.00
BA/40416 BALANCE OHAUS EXPLORER PRO 4100X0.01G EP4102 each £1892.88
BA/40418 BALANCE OHAUS EXPLORER PRO 6100GX0.01G EP6102 each £2209.68
BA/40420 BALANCE OHAUS EXPLORER PRO 1000/4100G EP4102D each £1884.96
BA/40422 BALANCE OHAUS EXPLORER PRO 4100X0.1G EP4101 each £1362.24
BA/40424 BALANCE OHAUS EXPLORER PRO 6100 X 0.1G EP6101 each £1544.40
BA/40426 BALANCE OHAUS EXPLORER PRO 8100X0.1G EP8101 each £1710.72
BA/40428 BALANCE OHAUS EXPLORER PRO 12000 X0.1G EP12001 each £2399.76
BA/40430 BALANCE OHAUS EXPLORER PRO 22000 X0.1G EP22001 each £2811.60
BA/40432 BALANCE OHAUS EXPLORER PRO 32000 X0.1G EP32001 each £3461.04

The Explorer Pro series offers multiple weighing units and seven application modes - parts counting, dynamic weighing, checkweighing, percentage weighing, filling, gross/net/tare and below balance weighing with integral hook. For ease of operation there is a large backlit high resolution dot matrix display with on screen text prompts and scroll down menus. If you need to record GLP data the Explorer Pro provides time, date, balance ID, user name, project name and reference information through its RS232 interface. For added protection the balances are also supplied with an in-use display cover. Automatic internal calibration models with AutoCal™ and EC Type approval are also available, please ask for details.
Technical Specification
Cat. No.ModelCapacityReadabilityPlatform (mm)
BA/40402EP213210g1mgDiam. 121
BA/40404EP413210g1mgDiam. 121
BA/40406EP613610g1mgDiam. 121
BA/40408ERP413D100/410g1mg/0.01gDiam. 121
BA/40410EP612610g0.01g172 x 172
BA/40412EP15021500g0.01g172 X 172
BA/40414EP21022100g0.01g172 x 172
BA/40416EP41024100g0.01g172 x 172
BA/40418EP61026100g0.01g172 x 172
BA/40420EP4102D1000/4100g0.01/0.1g172 x 172
BA/40422EP41014100g0.1g203 x 203
BA/40424EP61016100g0.1g203 x 203
BA/40426EP81018100g0.1g203 x 203
BA/40428EP120011200g0.1g280 x 356
BA/40430EP2200122000g0.1g280 x 356
BA/40432EP3200132000g0.1g280 x 356

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