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Analysis software - UVI soft

Analysis software - UVI soft
 Cat. NoDescrtiptionPack SizePriceQuantity
GD/45230 UVIBAND SOFTWARE each £2900.15
GD/45232 UVIMAP SOFTWARE each £2900.15
GD/45234 UVISPOT SOFTWARE each £2900.15
GD/45236 UVIBANDMAP SOFTWARE each £3918.02

UVI soft gel analysis software comprises a family of four analysis packages known as UVI band, UVI map, UVI bandmap and UVI spot. UVI band and UVI map are principally for analysis of 1- dimensional gels (i.e. samples run in series of lanes). They each contain the same set of functions for routine 1-D gel analysis (molecular weights, band quantification, etc.,) plus a set of special functions unique to the package.
UVIband, the special functions are for advanced quantitative analysis of bands, spots (including dot blots) and other less regular features on gels and blots.
UVImap, the special functions are incorporated in a database, which allows molecular weight data from multiple gels to be archived and retrieved for comparison, facilitating techniques such as RFLP and RAPD analysis.
UVIbandmap combines the routine and special features of both packages to create probably the most comprehensive 1-D analysis package available.
UVIspot is a package dedicated to 2-dimensional (2-D) analysis of protein gels, as used in proteomic analysis. It allows assignment of molecular weights and isoelectric points to protein spots on individual gels, plus comparison of positional and quantitative spot data from up to 256 gels. In this way it is possible to identify spots which have disappeared, moved, or changed shape or size in comparable gels.

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