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Viscometer - consistometer

 Viscometer - consistometer
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Viscometry, Bostwick Consistometer The Bostwick Consistometer is a simple, dependable instrument which determines sample consistency by measuring the distance which a sample of material flows under its own weight. The unit is constructed of stainless steel and is equipped with two levelling screws and a level. The gate is spring operated and held by a positive release mechanism, permitting instantaneous flow of sample. The trough is graduated in 0.5cm divisions to permit accurate measurement of flow.
  •  Engraved Graduations (0.5cm divisions)
  •  Portable and easily cleaned (measures 14”” long x 3.5”” wide x 5”” high)
  •  Accepts 75ml sample
  •  Spring Loaded Gate allows instantaneous gate release and prevents premature flowing of sample
  •  Complies to R-81294D & ASTM F1080-93 Used extensively in the food industry the Bostwick enables the user to pre-determine formulas to standardise production lots.

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